About Us

The Acts 1:8 Mission Society is based in St Louis, MO. We serve by teaching others to reach out into their communities and put their faith into action.In essence our mission is To rebuild churches, congregations, and people to the glory of God in order to strengthen our communities. Acts 1:8 has an amazing team working to put together servant events and opportunities for people from all walks of life. Through these events people not only have the opportunity to serve, but to also strengthen their relationship with God and fellow servants.

We serve by doing “church”, by being “church”, and as one of these youth has called it “doing church 6 days a week”, in other words living “church”. We have small groups (we call them Bible studies, but they are much more than that, they are group therapy for the lost) where we gather in circles (they call this “circle time”) and we share what is going on in each others lives, and we encourage each other and lift each other up in the Lord. We do not lecture the youth, but rather we “listen” to them. Truly concerned about them, finding out what is truly on their mind (not just what we want to hammer into them). Through this listening to them, showing that we are truly concerned with them, then they sit and listen to us, soaking in the wisdom that is being offered to them. We discuss their questions, and through this has come an unbelievable desire to know more about this awesome God who loves them so much and is willing to listen to them and take care of their needs. Through this we are able to relate the Words of Scripture to their lives, so the Bible comes to life, instead of it being a book of stories and a book of laws.

We are now taking this on the road, doing this in other cities: Oxford Mississippi, Rockford Illinois, San Antonio Texas, down to Oxford Florida, the Los Angeles area of California, and into Nebraska. We take our young people with us so that they can help to spread this hope to others, working with others teaching them what it means to be called “followers of Jesus Christ” and sometimes we even use words.